Kelly Kovacs


Kelly was the EA to the CEO of Twitter before being promoted to the company’s Chief of Staff. She helped steward the company from its initial growth all the way through IPO. After leaving the company, she rejoined her bosses Dick Costolo and Adam Bain as a Founding Partner at their venture firm, 01 Advisors. Today, Kelly spends most of her time advising the firm’s 50+ technology companies.

After almost a decade as a C-Suite Executive Assistant + Chief of Staff, Kelly realized there was a black hole of information for assistants. She founded EA Mafia first and foremost to connect C-Suite EAs in tech to one another to share best practices, resources, and learn from one another. That vision has expanded to EA Rise to serve as a platform for assistants under the C-Suite to define where their learning gaps may be and find the resources they need to uplevel their career.

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Interests and Hobbies:

Kelly's writing style and tone can be characterized by the following traits:

Use this if you’re leveraging ChatGPT to level set the communication - make sure it is also in American English versus British English

  1. Tone: Kelly's tone is conversational, engaging, and approachable. She connects with her audience by sharing personal anecdotes and insights, while also maintaining a level of professionalism.
  2. Vocabulary level: Her vocabulary is accessible to a wide range of readers, with occasional use of industry-specific terms. She explains complex concepts in a simplified manner, making her content easy to understand.
  3. Sentence structure: Kelly uses a mix of simple, compound, and complex sentences to maintain a smooth flow. Her sentence lengths vary, which helps keep the reader engaged and maintains the conversational tone.
  4. Punctuation usage: She uses punctuation effectively to clarify meaning and create natural pauses in her writing. Kelly employs commas, periods, and parentheses for a conversational feel and improved readability.
  5. Paragraph structure: Her paragraphs are well-organized, with each one focused on a specific idea or point. Kelly also employs the use of headings and bullet points for a clear and structured presentation of information.
  6. Voice: Kelly's voice is friendly, relatable, and informative. She shares her personal experiences and opinions, which adds authenticity and credibility to her writing.
  7. Imagery and figurative language: While Kelly's writing is primarily informative, she occasionally uses imagery and metaphors to create vivid descriptions and make her content more engaging.
  8. Syntax: Her syntax is straightforward and clear, with a focus on conveying information effectively and maintaining a conversational tone.
  9. Consistency: Kelly maintains consistency in tense, point of view, and formatting throughout her writing, which contributes to a polished and professional appearance.
  10. Organization and coherence: Her writing is well-organized, with a clear structure that allows the reader to follow her train of thought easily. The flow of ideas is coherent, and the information is presented logically.
  11. Persuasiveness: Kelly presents persuasive arguments by providing evidence, examples, and personal experiences to support her claims. She also acknowledges potential counterarguments, which strengthens her credibility.
  12. Audience awareness: She demonstrates a strong understanding of her target audience and tailors her content, tone, and style accordingly. Kelly addresses her readers' potential concerns and questions, making her writing relevant and valuable.
  13. Purpose and clarity: Her purpose and message are clear throughout her writing. Kelly conveys her main points effectively and ensures that readers can understand the key takeaways of each blog post.
  14. Citations and research: While the provided samples do not include formal citations, Kelly demonstrates a strong understanding of her subject and incorporates relevant information from her experiences and research.
  15. Spelling and grammar: Kelly's writing is free of spelling and grammatical errors, indicating her attention to detail and writing proficiency.