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Our EAs are working at some of the world's biggest companies, where shaping the future is just part of the job.

What our members are saying...

“eaMAFIA is the professional network I didn't know I needed! Since joining over 2 years ago, I have been enveloped by a community of smart, collaborative, supportive peers who uniquely understand the exact challenges I face as an executive assistant.  Kelly and the team facilitate focused discussions on topics that are most crucial to our jobs today and I am confident that I have grown as a professional partner, leader, and executive assistant as a direct result of joining eaMAFIA. The caliber of conversations within eaMAFIA is far beyond what I’ve experienced in any admin community and I’m excited to see the group's continued growth.”

Clare Bergman
EA to the CEO of Slack

“Staying one step ahead is critical to success in this fast-paced role, and eaMAFIA helps me to stay at the top of my game. No matter what challenges that I am facing, I know someone in the group has been in my position before. This supporting community of highly skilled EAs encourages and freely shares resources and ideas.  I walk away with a confidence boost whenever I interact with the group, and I’m so grateful to have found a support system that is always willing to lend a hand.”

Justine J. Kwan
EA to the CEO of Origin, previously EA to CEO of Dropbox

“eaMAFIA has successfully curated a robust community of talented EAs. An assistant at any skill level can find useful resources, tools, and peers willing and eager to share best practices, tips, and recommendations. I have personally improved my craft with intimate conversations and meaningful connections with other EAs. I am grateful for this community”.

Jackie Kwan
EA to the CEO of Airtable

“Being the right hand to a CEO can often be a lonely job, but since joining the eaMAFIA, I finally have a group of like-minded individuals to share best practices and problem-solve with in real time. It has been life-changing. The group has helped me to navigate through countless difficult situations, and even helped me through the process of asking for (and receiving) a promotion! Thank you, Kelly and eaMAFIA for creating such a special group!"

Natalie Sojka
EA to the CEO of Sofi

“Great communities are made when like-minded individuals come together to discuss relevant topics and help each other through issues, experiences, and growth. eaMAFIA is a great community of EAs.  We have access to useful and helpful resources, and I love that all of us are able to contribute our strengths and experiences to help better each other.”

Janet Kim
EA to the CEO of Ethereum & CEO of Clubhouse